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Získej karaoke texty T-pain - sho, které tolik milujete. Seznam obsahuje karaoke texty, texty starších písní i texty horkých novinek T-pain - sho. Nauč se všechna slova své oblíbené skladby nebo rozjeď vlastní karaoke party dnes v noci :-).

T-Pain - Sho-Time (Pleasure Thang)
Videoklip a text písně Sho-Time (Pleasure Thang) od T-Pain. Ohh... Nooo- oooooh Whoa-wooo, nooooo Girl (girl) You better tie them heels up tight (up tig..
Tech N9ne - Fuck Food ft. Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko
Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko od Tech N9ne. ... Seven threes, hot egg and cheese for Pain, Tech, & Weez ... But the girls sho' look like fuck food to me, ay
T-Pain - Cutty Buddy
Videoklip a text písně Cutty Buddy od T-Pain. You can be my cutty cutty buddy, Fo' sho' you can ride with me Girl don't act like you don't already know, Act..
T-Pain - Nuthin'
Text písně Nuthin' od T-Pain. ... And I don't need keys, I'm just stumping on the button ... Fo' sho', me no, Teddy playin' from the A50 plus a nigger ain't. Nothin' ...
T-Pain - Bang Bang Pow Pow (ft. Lil Wayne)
Videoklip a text písně Bang Bang Pow Pow (ft. Lil Wayne) od T-Pain. My money right, my money money, my bread good (good, good) Shawty fuckin', wassup girl  ...
T-Pain - Default Picture
Text písně Default Picture od T-Pain. Im falling in love with ya default picture..
It's Not You (It's Me) (T
Chuckie Feat. Pitbull) od T-Pain. It's not you Ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh T-Pain, Mr . Worldwide Not you Ohh.. ... So you know I'm gonna take one with her (for sho)
T-Pain - Look At Her Go (ft.Chris Brown)
Text písně Look At Her Go (ft.Chris Brown) od T-Pain. Look at her go, do it girl Go go, do it girl Go go, do it girl She wo, Wobbling Wobbling Drop, drop it..
T-Pain - Turn All The Lights On ft. Ne-Yo
Turn all the lights on... [T-Pain] Take off your shoes (shoes shoes) Ain't nobody gone see nothin. Bring out the booze (booze booze) Baby girl stop frontin
T-Pain - Bottlez (Feat. Detail)
Text písně Bottlez (Feat. Detail) od T-Pain. Bring that ass my way, uh-huh Fuck a shot, we gon' take the whole tray, uh-huh Uh-huh, order bottles by the c..
T-Pain - Drowing Again (Feat. One Chance)
Text písně Drowing Again (Feat. One Chance) od T-Pain. You should come see how could it would be To come drown with me ooh ooh Days upon days I've ...
MIKE JONES - Cuddy Buddy
Fo' Sho' you can ride with me. Girl don't act like you don't already know, Act like you don't see. We can get it on ... I'm listening to T-Pain Hugging on you while
T-Pain - When I Come Home?
Hey, No No No No! Hey, Na Na Na I can hear my baby saying my name, (Na Na Na)! But I don't see my baby in time, (Na Na Na)! Without you in here, It ain't the ...
T-Pain - I Don't Give a Fuck
Videoklip a text písně I Don't Give a Fuck od T-Pain. [Intro] Hey! Yeah-hah Nooo noooo, ohhhh Heyyy! [Chorus] Go 'head and go out wit'cha friends Kee..
T-Pain - Mix'd Girl
Videoklip a text písně Mix'd Girl od T-Pain. Hey... Yeah This goes out to the (you know) [Verse 1:] Hey, light skinned girl with the curly hair Don't s..
T-Pain - Rock Bottom
Videoklip a text písně Rock Bottom od T-Pain. Shawty, yeah, yeah, Shawty, yeah, yeah Shawty, yeah, yeah, Shawty, Hey, aha, it's like a scene on top of ..
T-Pain - 5 O'clock (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen)
Videoklip, překlad a text písně 5 O'clock (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen) od T-Pain. [Hook - Lily Allen] It's 5 o' clock in the morning Conversation g..
T-Pain - Best Love Song (ft.Chris Brown)
[T-Pain] Turn up the bass, turn up the trouble, I'm about to take you to a whole another level! DJ turn off what you're playing, I want the whole club to hear what ...
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You could be my cuddy cuddy buddy fo' sho'. (You can ride with me). Girl, don't act like you don't already know ... Touchin' on you while we listenin' to T-Pain.
DJ Khaled - I'm From The Ghetto
I'm from the ghetto and thats fo sho' (I'm from the ... From the ice cream trucks to the fourty ounce tops ... From compton to being Dre's number one prospect so.

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